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Hingston operate for a broad range of clients when it comes to unlocking residential potential and we have been involved with many schemes throughout Southern England of varying scale from single plots to schemes of over 100 units.  Whilst the core focus of the business is in London and the South East we will consider opportunities outside of this core area where we identify development potential.

We recently worked with a client to consider and advise on the redevelopment potential of a former abattoir close to Saltash in Cornwall. Regulatory requirements had put increasing financial pressure on the business and the site constraints.  The small site area prevented the abattoir expanding to a size that would allow it to function viably and meet the required regulatory standards.

The Landowner decided to look at development opportunities for the site and instructed Hingston to assist in unlocking the development potential. Hingston is working closely with the Cornwall County Council to deliver a scheme that works for the landowner and surrounding area, including the proposal for the demolition of the redundant vacant abattoir.

Whether it’s a back garden with development potential for a single plot or a commercial building with development potential for an apartment scheme we would welcome hearing from you.

Residential Scheme: Developments
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